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Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill

Memorial Gardens

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Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens

6824 NC-86
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Our Family Care Advisor

Sarah Chaffee


Orange County’s Only
Perpetual Care Cemetery

The charming town of Chapel Hill is the home to the nation’s oldest state university — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — and has a rich history that spans more than two centuries.

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens was founded in the mid-1950s and is the only perpetual care cemetery in Orange County. Burial options include private estates, traditional ground burial, and cremation niches. We can also create private gardens for your church or civic organization.
Our memorial gardens property is a rare opportunity to still secure a final resting place in this historic, populated town.

Options & Offerings

Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens provides the following burial options and benefits:

Traditional Ground Burial

An in-ground burial typically involves a casket and is marked by a memorial tribute gravemarker. You may purchase a single plot, companion plots, or family plots.

Cremation Niches

A cremation niche is a personal compartment for placing the cremation urn permanently.

Private Mausoleums

A private mausoleum is an above-ground building used as a permanent resting place. Some private mausoleums are personal mausoleums, built for a single individual. Others are family mausoleums, built to house the remains of multiple family members.

Private Gardens

We can create private gardens for your church or civic organization. We can make a dedicated garden retreat with resting places for many individuals, companions, and families.

Perpetual Care

All our memorial gardens are perpetual care cemeteries with irrevocable trust funds for the care of grounds and buildings. You can have the peace of mind that your loved one’s final resting place will always be maintained.

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